Letze Ausfahrt Germania
Industrial, germanspeeched music is more popular than ever. The band RAMMSTEIN from Berlin cracks the sales-charts world-wide and is Germans most important export hit in the U.S.A. concerning Rockmusic. JOACHIM WITT lives to see his second spring with dark guitar sounds and bands like WEISSGLUT, RICHTHOFEN, OOMPH! or TOTENMOND aren't imagine to be absent from the German music media. The term "Neue Deutsche Härte" - "New German Hardness" has carried through as a current description of this phenomenon - and is overlaid with many prejudices. "Neue Deutsche Härte" isn't only music but also political and social provovation, coquetry with totalitarian aesthetics and delusion of manliness. That's why for "Neue Deutsche Härte" is much discussed in many reaches of society and in the whole press so that one can speak about a cold, national war on culturel level.

Author: Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann

Release Date: May 1998


Language: german

Price: 17,84 Euro