Ungeschminkt - Die offizielle Autobiographie
Peter Criscuola had come a long way from the homemade drum set he pounded on nonstop as a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's. He endured street violence, and the rollercoaster music scene of the 1960's, but he always knew he'd make it! Peter Criss's official autobiography is an eye-opening journey from the pledge to his mother that he'd one day play Madison Square Garden to doing just that! He conquered the rock world - composing and singing Kiss's all-time biggest hit "Beth" - but he also faced the perils of stardom and his own mortality, including drug abuse, near-suicides, two broken marriages, and a hard-won battle with breast cancer.

Criss opens up with a level of honesty and emotion previously unseen in any musician's memoir. »Die Wahrheit über KISS« is the definitive and heartfelt account of one of rock's most iconic figures.

Release Date: 2013

? with a lot of pictures

Language: german

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