The N.W.O.B.H.M. Encyclopedia

Press comments

"Regardless, this book is a musthave purchase for devotees." "Classic Rock)

"This is the ultimate book regarding the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, because it contains 800 pages and includes 533 bands (and 182 pictures) with information on almost every UK act that startet playing Hardrock/Metal in the early 1980s. This book is the ultimate resource to check out if you want to learn all there is to tell about this very important period in the history of Hardrock and Heavy Metal. It's especially recommended to collector's of all those early 80s released 7" singles by UK Hardrock/Metal acts, but also journalists and included bands need to have this brilliant book. You will need several months (or even years!) to read this extensive book, so I can highly recommend it to all NWOBHM fans!" (Strutter)

"Long time Scotland Metaller Malcolm MacMillan has written a PURE Metal bible! To this day, this is the book that every SERIOUS Metaller must own just like any early TANK, JAGUAR, VENOM or RAVEN records. Honestly, I can't find any real criticism about this work, it's just AWESOME." (Snakepit)

"Macmillan has done an awesome job, striking the right balance between good humour and hard fact, maintaining an admirable perspective and avoiding - even lambasting - the elitism that mars so much NWOBHM coverage." (Terrorizer)

Release Date: September 2001

800, 533 band entries, many pictures

Language: english

Price: 35,80 Euro