Saxon - Never Surrender(Or Nearly Good Looking)
Press Comments

"As suspected, the book doesn't disappoint, as it's full of amusing anecdotes and the requisite stories of sordid encounters with groupies (sometimes several at a time). Byford's typical English humor is priceless as he tells stories of his childhood, bad marriages, psychotic bandmates and the recent tragic loss of his home to a large fire."
KKKKK (Dale Lammers)

"The book favours a glorious anecdotal style over exhaustive childhood detail, giving the book an intimate, 'down the pub' vibe, as opposed to the separation of many a rock career. Overall, the book paints a personal tale of metal musician - and fan - trying to make it in the ever-fickle recording industry."
Metal Hammer UK (James Gill)

"On Saxon's '84 US tour with Mötley Crüe, Biff boffed 36 women in 30 days and could barely walk, let alone sing." Classic Rock (Paul Elliott)

"Biff Byford's excellent and well produced autobiography is much like Saxon's music: unpretentious, hard-edged and compelling. Byford's is a familiar story: the tough childhood in working-class Yorkshire; the escape from the coal mining environment that rock muisc provided; the forming of a band; the rise to fame and excess ..."
Record Collector (William Pinfold)

"So here we are granted an insight into frontman Biff Byford's life - as told by him in a Northern, 'a spade is a spade' kind of way. Wanna know Biff's first sexual encounter? Wann know what it was like touring with Mötley Crüe? It's all here and worth poking your nose into for a few hours."
Rock Sound (James Dominic)

Release Date: April 2007


Language: english

Price:£ 17,63

ISBN german version:

Titel of the german version: »Saxon - Der Adler ist gelandet«

Release date Spring 2008