New York City Hardcore Vol.2 - The sound of the Big Apple
Second volume in the ongoing series investigating the roots of the New York City Hardcore scene. Following the approach of »New York City Hardcore - The Way It Was«, its follow-up once again consists of two separate parts. An A-Z of bands (this time including heavyweights such as The Misfits, The Undead or Bold as well as more obsucre acts such as Ism, A.P.P.L.E. or Virus) is coupled with extensive interviews with the leading figures of the movement including Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Bobby Steele (The Misfits, The Undead), Tom Capone (Beyond, Bold), Jism (Ism) and Mike Inhuman (Inhuman). »New York City Hardcore - The Sound Of the Big Apple« stresses that Hardcore was more than just music!

Author: Matthias Mader

Release Date: 15.11.2011

304 with a lot of pictures

Language: german

Price: 19,90 Euro