Glenn Hughes - Die Autobiographie
Vocalist, bassist and songwriter Glenn Hughes is a living, breathing personification of British rock. Starting with the Midlands beat combo Finders Keepers in the 1960's, he formed acclaimed funk-rock band Trapeze in the early 1970's before joining Deep Purple at their commercial peak. Hughes enthusiastically embraced the rock superstar's lifestyle while playing on three Purple albums, including the classic »Burn«. When the band split in 1976, Hughes embarked on a breakneck run of solo albums, collaborations and even a brief, chaotic spell fronting Black Sabbath. All of this was accompanied by cocaine psychosis, crack addiction and other excesses, before Hughes survived a clean-up-or-die crisis. In his autobiography, Hughes talks us through this whirlwind of a life with unflinching honesty and good humour, taking us right up to date with his triumphant re-emergence in current super-group Black Country Communion.

Videomessage from Glenn for his fans

Release Date: May 2012

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