Burning Ambition - Das Iron Maiden Fanbuch
Already before the triumpahl comeback of Bruce Dickinson in 1999 IRON MAIDEN belonged to the most sucessfull heavy metal-bands in the history of this genre. Till inclusive »Virtuel XI« Steve Harris and his playfellows sold 45 million sound carriers and earned 150 gold- and platinumhonours! A fabulous career which nobody of the participants would have dreamed of, when IRON MAIDEN in the end of the seventies was originated in Londons East End, a classical working-class district.

"Burning Ambition" is the first german-speeking Fanbook that follows the more than 20 years old band-history from IRON MAIDEN from their first appearances in smoky pubs like Cart & Horses or Bridge House up to the already legendary gig ahead of more than 200.000 enthusiastic fans in Rio de Janeiro in 2001! The 192 pages (64 four-coloured), fitted out with dozens of exclusive live- and backstage-photographies and a cover-artwork by David Neckening, are stoutly filled with till now unpublished informations, which make the book to an absolute must for every true fan. Among other things the volume offers:

  • 13 uncutted master sound interviews during a period of 13 years
  • a detailed band-history
  • exhaustive musician-profiles between 1975 and 2002, from Dave Sullivan up to Bruce Dickinson
  • analysis in its contents of all lyrics, from »Iron Maiden« (1980) up to »Brave New World« (2000)
  • a critical valuation of picked live-bootlegs
  • an essay about the artwork (inclusive master sound interview with Derek Riggs)
  • b-sides, coverversions and tribute-albums

Because of the extensive variety of facts and informations this book is a music-historical reference book of persisting value and timeless actuality for every IRON MAIDEN-chronist and -collecter.

Author: Matthias Mader

Release Date: July 2002


various b/w pictures

Language: german

Price: 18,60 Euro