Neat & Tidy: The story Of Neat Records


Established in Newcastle in 1979, Neat Records was just another label associated with David Wood’s Impulse Studios until Tygers Of Pan Tang recorded ‘Don’t Touch Me There’; overnight Neat had a direction which it trail-blazed throughout the Eighties, and in doing so became probably the most important and the most influential independent record label in the history of heavy metal.
This was the label that started the careers of Raven and Venom, laying the foundations of both speed metal and black metal. It introduced Tygers Of Pan Tang, Fist and White Spirit to MCA Records, Heavy Pettin’ to Polydor and Tobruk to Phonogram, and whereas not all of its signings had the success they might have deserved, each nonetheless contributed in its own way to the history of British metal.
Written by New Wave Of British Heavy Metal expert John Tucker, »Neat & Tidy - The History Of Neat Records« tells the story of the record label that, more than any other, came to symbolise the NWOBHM through its many exciting releases. Label owner David Wood, former Tygers Of Pan Tang frontman (and later co-owner) Jess Cox, Raven’s John Gallagher and Jeff Dunn – better known as Mantas of Venom – are among the many interviewees whose recollections vividly depict the life of the Neat Records.

Release Date: 31.3.2015


Language: english

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