A Collector's Guide to Marillion & Fish


Written by a fanatical MARILLION collector from Germany, »A Collectors Guide to MARILLION & FISH« is the result of nearly 15 years of thorough research. The book is an essential guide to all friends of MARILLION and FISH.

It does contain the following information:

  • complete data for all 1,500 official MARILLION and FISH records on vinyl and CD released worldwide between 1982 and 2000 (including catalogue numbers, title listings etc.)

  • appr. 250 unofficial releases (bootlegs, radio shows etc.)

  • tour dates of MARILLION and FISH

  • listings of all MARILLION and FISH songs ever recorded (in their different versions)

  • full colour pictures of the most important MARILLION and FISH rarities

  • Top 20 MARILLION rarities with their current market value

  • cover versions of MARILLION titles

  • important label discographies

Author: André Rostek

Release: March 2002

192 various full-colour & b/w pictures

Language: german & english

Price: 18,60 Euro